Little Johnny Frankenstein


Little Johnny Frankenstein lived in the tool shed at the end of the subway line.  Most nights he sat in his shed and listened to the coming and going of the rail cars and the noises of the maintenance men as they went about their work.

On stormy nights, Johnny would take out his silver kite with the golden string and fly it high up through the hole in the roof of the subway station. Up and up his kite would fly, up past the tree lined street, up past the apartment buildings and tenements, up and up, higher than the tallest building in the heart of the city.

When the storm raged, Johnny’s kite would be tossed about in the wind.  But the silver kite was strong and the golden string unbreakable.The kite would dance in the blackened sky and bolts of lightening flash onto it’s shiny metallic surface and shoot down along the golden string and through the the bolts in Johnny’s neck.

After the storm was over Johnny would reel in his kite and walk out onto the tracks. Kneeling down, he would place his hands on the third rail and all the electricity stored in Johnny’s body would surge out of his hand, down the rail and into the reserve batteries at the end of the roadhouse.

This kept Johnny well grounded and riding the subway free of charge.

I miss…

I miss shuffling through

a red golden hue

of leaves the size of my hand.

Soft boiled eggs, mumblety- peg,

eating peaches straight out of the can.

The sound of galoshes

slushing through sloshes,

footprints on new fallen snow.

Santa and reindeer,

hot chocolate and root-beer

and presents wrapped up with a bow.

I miss slot cars and Slinkys,

toy soldiers and Twinkies

and running wherever I went.

I miss buttercups, clover

and playing Red Rover,

and rain on the roof of a tent.

I miss cool summer cottages

pancakes and sausages

and kites with their tails in the wind.

Garbage dump bears

and parking lot fairs,

cotton candy stuck to my chin.

I miss chestnuts on strings,

Cracker Jack rings,

marbles and balsa wood planes.

Teddy bear cuddles,

splashing in puddles

and dancing around in the rain.