Oh Cruel Pei Wei

Curse you airport terminal Pei Wei.  You are but a vaccuous shade of the PF Chang I should have patronized before clearing security. Damn you and the uncooked grain of rice that broke my tooth. 

Farewell thirty-one dollars including tip. General Tsao retreats in shame from any association with the molar crushing defeat that was my meal. Trek on Johnny Walker. Your overpriced black label offered no condolence.

 Lightly Wok seared chicken indeed! I think not. Oh how I mourn the innocent red chili sacrificed in service of such a culinary abomination. I blame it not for refusing to be flushed or suctioned or tongued from the refuge of the cavern that once was my filling. 

Anbesol provide me succor till my desecration is crowned in golden glory. 





Three ladies in a crowded room

With voices sweet as fine perfume

Casting tales of want and woe

To talk amongst so many though.


Pronouns sown anonymously

Her and they, then I and she.

Feel free to share your thoughts if any

Three voices. Still, amongst so many?


And then a name is dropped by chance

A tilted head, a sideways glance.

That name to some, a familiar word

Three voices have been overheard.


Fearing lest they be misread

Try to recall each word they said

In chronological succession

Three voices now with more discretion


Lesson learned? One can but hope,

To understand the breadth and scope

Of risks and dangers that one faces,

Talking private things in public places.



© rdfindlay 2017

Farewell Old Friend



I recall my fridge in younger years,

Bounteous with food and beers

And deep within its frosty innards

Lay Popsicles and frozen dinners

Long before the doctor’s call

To lower my cholesterol

My Frigidaire had not forsaken

Ice-cream, pork-chops, ham and bacon.

Now all I eat I watch the fat in

And every morning take my Statin

And under doctor’s orders measure

Dias and Systolic pressure.

Now every drawer and shelf and bin

Is stocked with what my wife puts in

No frozen pies, no pork, no ale

Just soups and fruit and fish and kale

So here I stand. Door wide open

Staring in. Wishin’. Hopin’

To find some morsel that still will please

But no. Just peaches and cottage cheese.


©RDFindlay 2017